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For many years, we have offered premier pool service and maintenance. We’ve always known that keeping pools clean was an issue, but were truly amazed by the influx of calls we received! There are a lot of swimming pools with major issues in their equipment and chemistry – don’t let your pool be one of them!

Pools can be very costly–we know this! Depending on the maintenance and a variety of factors, you can lose control of chemicals and all of a sudden your water is green. This can result in costly chemicals used, also crystal clear water doesn’t mean anything, you can have crystal clear, but the water can be turn Acidic or Alkaline. what that means, the water can get out of balance and start damage the plaster, the equipment and plumbing.

It’s best to address these issues right away – that’s where we come in! Give us a call and we will get that promptly and protect your swimming pool Plaster, Equipment, plumbing and water!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What cause plaster etching?

Home owners often don’t think or imagine that their swimming pool can get a leak. After all, it’s a body of water that is buried in the ground right? 

Wrong. Your swimming pool (for a gunite pool) is comprised of cementous material (gunite) reinforced with rebar which adds strength and durability. This forms the outter shell of the pool. This outter layer of gunite & steel is actually porous and allows water to pass in and out through the shell. 

The true water proof membrane is your Pool Plaster. This material is typically about 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick and is rough, colorful, and can have many different types of aggregates for texture. 

A pool leak may occur if your pool plaster is cracked or eroded away. This can be a cause of poor water chemistry or an impact that cracks the plaster. 

Another more serious cause of pool leaks is broken plumbing. This can be located at the equipment pad (easier repair) or below your decking (most difficult to find). 

In any of these cases, we recommend that you give us a call so we can quickly locate the leak and apply the required repairs. After all, when it comes to pool leaks – they will only get worse with time and the cost of the repair will increase due to potentially greater damage if left unchecked.

What are the signs of a pool leak?

The surest way to identify a pool leak is a drop in water level. You can typically identify drops in water level by observing the water line in relation to your skimmer mouth. If you typically have about 2″ of water above the base of your skimmer and notice it drop, then you may have an issue.

Keep in mind, that during the summertime, it is common to lose water naturally due to evaporation and swimmer splash out. 

However, the time to become concerned is when you need to regularly add water. If your water level drops or drops regularly then we suggest you give us a call. 

Can I identify the location of a leak myself?

It’s possible that you may be able to locate the pool leak yourself. The easier signs are leaking equipment (puddles by your pump or filter), bubbles of mud in your yard or a deck that starts to lift.

Unfortunately, unless you are comfortable with digging up dirt or replumbing your equipment by yourself it’s best to call in a professional. 

For harder to reach areas (such as below your deck) we have specialized sound equipment that helps us locate a leak without removing the decking.

Once the leak is identified, we will need to remove a section of the deck to complete the repair. However, you will save time and money by allowing us to quickly diagnose this issue and surgically repairing the plumbing. It’s worth the time to give us a call!

What happens if I ignore the leak?

If you have a pool leak, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Yes, the problem might subside temporarily, but you will eventually notice the issue in worse ways and possibly more than one. 

Pool leaks have a bad habit of getting beneath the shell of your pool and causing the ground to always remain moist. Depending on how bad the issue truly is, this can cause the ground to continuously settle due to wet soil and your pool can start to sink. It sounds weird and like something out of a movie – but believe us, it can happen.

If you pool begins to settle it’s near impossible to repair without removing sections of your pool shell and that can costs thousands.

Other effects of pool leak is equipment damage. If you water level falls below the line of your skimmer, your pump can run dry and burn out a motor. This is about a $1000 repair (depending on the type of pump that you have). Oftentimes, fixing a leak could cost less than allowing a pump to burn out. 

How much does your services costs?

We don’t like to quote anyone before we get a chance to visit your home. It’s the same as a doctor quoting a patient before they see them. 

It’s important for us to visit your backyard to identify the severity of a pool leak before we can determine the cost of the repair. 

But trust us – we are professionals who are looking out for your best interest. We have Five Star reviews on Facebook & Google for a reason. It’s because we are professionals who work hard to maintain our reputation and take care of our customers. 

We always provide you with a fair and honest evaluation and you will always be notified of the cost after our inspection and before any work is performed. It’s worth your time to give us a call!

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