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New pool startups

Whether you just built your pool or are reopening it for Spring – it’s time to get things going. We make sure it’s done right!

our professional strategy


Filter Clean

Before any work can be done on a new pool startup, the filter must be cleaned to remove debris from construction to prevent damage to the equipment.

Sequester The Pool

Sequestering sounds like a big word – but it means to remove debris from the pool itself. Aside from skimming the surface, we use special chemicals to remove small debris and clean the water.

Balance the Chemistry

One of the most important aspects of a new pool startup is balancing the water chemistry. This protects the plaster during its delicate curing stage and gives it a longer lifespan! 

Regularly Brush Walls

Another step that is often missed is Wall Brushing. It’s very important to brush the walls of your new pool startup regularly to help the aggregate in your pool plaster to settle and heal.



Along with performing these services, we feel it’s extremely important to educate our homeowners to take care of their pool properly. We spend the time necessary to equip you with what you need to know!

Program Automation

If you made the wise investment and added an Automation package to your swimming pool – that’s great! We can help you set it up and explain to you how these systems operate and save you money!

I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful swimming pool is right around the corner.